Last Call for Tomorrow reflects on the crises facing all life on Earth.

We are witnessing the 6th Mass Extinction of our planet, and it is accelerating faster than most scientists predicted. We are losing about 200 species a day. Global industrial pollution is killing over 9 million people a year, through bad air and water.

Since the Industrial revolution began over 200 years ago, the petrol, chemical, military, and agra businesses have been burning fossil fuels  and spewing all manner of deadly chemicals into our ecosystem. The Earth’s surface is the hottest it has been in at least 120,000 years. A cascade of atmospheric and environmental events, including feedback loops, are accelerating the rate of further warming.  

The aggressive policies of governments worldwide, with their commitment to perpetual growth and personal profiteering, have for decades perpetuated imperialism, warfare, and ecocide, while displacing, enslaving, and destroying countless numbers of people, animals and plants.

We are in an extinction emergency, and if we do not act, there may not be a tomorrow.

We’re All on the Endangered List…

Last Call for Tomorrow

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